As your gynaecologist and obstetrician, Dr Ati can assist women of all ages and life stages with the reproductive healthcare they desire at the time and in the future. Whether you are planning to fall pregnant or waiting for the right time, Dr Ati can help you with the necessary pre-conception care or family planning. He can also do infertility assessments should you be struggling to fall pregnant.

  • Preconception care
    For women eager to fall pregnant in the near future, your appointment with Dr Ati will be focused on enhancing your health before you become pregnant so that your body is prepared to carry life for the next nine months, ensuring you a happy, healthy preg-nancy. Preconception counselling thus involves assessing your genetics, family history, medical and gynaecological history. After a physical check-up and pelvic exam, your gynaecologist and obstetrician can advise you towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle so that you can have a healthy pregnancy. This may involve increasing your fertility awareness, taking prenatal vitamins, weight loss, following a balanced diet, quitting smoking and drinking and possible immunizations that may be needed.
    Beyond pre-pregnancy counselling, Dr Ati will also be able to guide you thru your pregnancy journey with antenatal assessments as your obstetrician.
  • Family planning
    For existing mothers who are still raising a young child or children, Dr Ati’s advice may be needed if you are waiting for the right time for another child, deciding when that is and how soon after birth is too soon. When it comes to planning your family, there is a range of birth control and contraception options to regulate hormones after birth and prevent unintended pregnancies until you are ready to add another member to your family. Your gynaecologist and obstetrician will know how best to help you with family planning and ensuring a safe and healthy pregnancy, again. When you’re ready, you can be sure to book a consultation for pre-conception counselling with Dr Ati.