Routine check-ups with your gynaecologist are essential as your reproductive health as a woman changes throughout your life. During these appointments, Dr Ati will do a routine pelvic exam, scan and screening as well as discuss any concerns you may have.

As a rule, you should see your gynaecologist once a year for a check-up and pap smear. During your consultation, Dr Ati will discuss your health in terms of medications you take, your sexual and gynaecological history, menstruation and family genetics.

After that, he will check your breasts for abnormal growths and lumps to screen for breast cancer, and do a pelvic exam and ultrasound before doing a pap smear. The pap smear is done to screen for abnormalities in the cells within the uterus and cervix, particularly cervical cancer. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a common cause for abnormal pap smear results, but if abnormalities are found, further investigation with a colposcopy may be needed to determine if these abnormalities are something to be concerned about. This will only be known once the results are back from the lab.

If anything else is concerning, such as issues with your menstrual cycle, sexual intercourse related queries, hormonal problems, STD testing or pelvic pain, Dr Ati will be able to assist with the diagnosis and management thereof as well. Management and treatment of existing gynaecological disorders can also be checked on to ensure treatment is working as it should.

Besides checking your general gynaecological health, these annual check-ups provide you with the chance to discuss your concerns and needs at your specific life stage - be it contraception counselling, family planning or menopausal care.

Other than your annual gynaecology check-ups, Dr Ati can also assist if you are experiencing symptoms such as severe pelvic pain, abnormal uterine bleeding, vaginal discomfort, unusual discharge, recurrent urinary tract infections, or if you have injured your pelvic area or been a victim of rape. In such cases, do make an appointment with Dr Ati immediately.